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FIWC 2021 i Tsjekkia blir FIWC 2022 samme sted.

Dear FIWC delegates, Boardmebers and others,

The ongoing Covid pandemic forced us to once again rethink the possibilities of organizing the next FIWC Congress and show in the Czech Republic in 2021.

With the restrictions getting rather worse than better in most European countries, both the Czech club and the FIWC board have decided to postpone the FIWC Congress and show for yet another year, till 2022.

For now, the Czech club would like to propose the date of 7. - 11. July 2022, same venue and generally the same schedule, speakers and judges as planned for the originally approved date 2. - 5. 7. 2020. 

Because of the currently unstable situation there might be some changes necessary later on, which we would discuss with you as soon as the pandemic will allow us to start the preparations again.

Thanks for your understanding. Warm regards.

Marcello Poli – FIWC chairman

Jon Jansen—FIWC Secretary

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