Irsk Ulvehundklubb Norge

SøkeområdeVis/Skjul meny

Spesialen 2000

Dommer: Jill Bregy
Wildisle (US)
Dr. Frédéric Maison
du Grand chien De Culann (FR)

78 stilte hunder

Dette arrangementet var også EIWC 2000.

Video av Spesialen:

It was a great honour to judge the EWIC show and Norwegian Speciality in June 2000. It was a pleasure to judge some very wonderful hounds in Norway. As in most countries the bitches are generally superior to the dogs, but there were many fine dogs at the show. 

Overall the quality of the bitches were exceptional, dogs not the same, often true.

Bitches, good balance and bitch structure superior wiwth exceptional topbitches. One problem in the dogs, consitantly upright in hock contributes to a straight rear, meaning tibia does not articulate correctly, serious fault and prevalent in many males.

Quality in the bitches better than average, of the five Bitch winners exceptional, it could have been 10. Champion bitch class was very good. Veterans enormous quality.

Juniors in both sexes, good and the winners dog and bitch exceptional. Consistent angulation in males, head a little heavy in the back skull, a lot of them, more skull arch than desirable.

Form and function lacked in rear of some dogs. More topline problems in dogs than bitches because of rears. Bitches were much better than dogs. Be aware of the breed problems in general, which are too short in leg, give them not correct balance, lenght of leg in proportion to the body. Some were to short in leg and out of balance.

Temperament was on the whole very good.

Winners exceptional in every final.

Wasn't extreme in tails, mostly youngsters. Some short upper arms on the fronts causing wide movements and instability. The topline tells all, if the topline of the dog is good the dog will move well.

Dommer Dr. Frédéric Maison
Du Grand Chien De Culann (Frankrike)

Dear Irish Wolfhound Norwegian Club Members
Thank you for inviting me to judge at the European Congress. It has been a great honour and a big pleasure to judge puppies of this quality, even if it is not an easy work. They were all good in the type and had lots of substance. Their movement could have been better but I know how it is difficult to show puppies of this age especially in such a hot weather. Congratulations for the organisation of this congress. You did make a wonderful atmosphere and I look forward to meet again all these scandinavian breeders.

BIS/BIM 2000

BIS ble Ulvsholms Zelica, eid av Tore Grønhaug og Liv Norun Østheim, oppdrettet av Jette Holm Jensen. BIM ble Cormacs Phoenix, eid og oppdrettet av Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre.

Ulvsholms Zelica med Tore Grønhaug
Cormacs Phoenix
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