Irsk Ulvehundklubb Norge

SøkeområdeVis/Skjul meny

Spesialen 2008

Dommer: Sue Wilkinson
Hunacres (GB)

49 stilte hunder

I should like to thank the officers and commitee of the Norwegian Irish Wolfhound Club for giving me the great honour of judging your speciality. I can truly say that I had a wonderful time, everyone was so hospitable. My friend Nina winner of the prestigious «best judges companion prize» was overwhelmed with the kindness and generousity bestowed upon us.

The first day of judging was for the young puppies. I was impressed with the overall quality of the exhibits, babies showing lots of promise, which bodes well for any breed. Puppies that I particularly liked were Dorisas Faela, such a lovely girl, she oozes quality, lovely head, very well put together, very balanced with good angulation front and rear. She moves with an easy flowing gait, add to this a great temperamen. I shall watch her progress with interest, one who I would liked to have taken home.

The dog puppy Bledino's Camuld Pavarotti, son of my BIS winner Bledino's Brave Hearth Donna, a promising youngser, well boned, really good type, kind head and front, strong hindquaters, super mover, unlucky to meet such a stunning bitch pup in the challenge.

I was most intrigued by the obedience competition, it was great to see so many obedient hounds who obviously enjoyed the work. Well done to you all.
The lure coursing was fun for everyone, it is a real sight to see a wolfhound in full gallop, and good fun to see the owners trying their best to out run them!!
Sunday was the turn of the older puppies and adults, the weather was again kind. As in most countries the strength and depth of quality is in the bitches and on the whole this was true in Norway, but I did find some very good dogs indeed, who certainly could compare well with UK hounds. Junior dog winner Ballygran's Conn Conaire good quality hound who moved out really well, challenged his sister later for Best Junior.

I really liked the champion class of males, headed up by Nord UCH NV07 Pitlochry's Xecel, a super hound he presents as a series of curves, strong masculine head, good coat, well made all through, great mover, would prefer him to lower his tail on the move, but a worthy champion, impressive hound. 2nd to him was Melodream Maker O'Marksbay, has many of his worthy sires attributes, a very sound dog, kindes of heads, strong well arched neck, good shoulders and strong rear, positive mover.
Veteran dog was NS UCH Rovaleco's Irco Idol at ten years of age shown in wonderful condition, he really enjoyed his day out, a credit to his owner.
Junior bitch was won by Ballygran's Cruatha Caoimhe a stylish yound lady, correct front and rear, nicely balanced, good coat and feminine head, sound mover, this was an interesting class with bitches of real quality, on the first run round the bitch that really caught my eye for her fantastic ground covering movement was McKenzie's Kinnity, lovely for type, softest and kindest expression but as this was her first show she was a little unsettled and needs more ring training, but when she gets her act together she will be hard to beat. Little sister McKenzie's Kinvarra of O'Marksbay, a substansial youngster well made all through, pleasing head and sweet expression, easy mover and much more settled than her sister. 2nd in this class Knallåsen's Cherubini, pretty wheaten with excellent pigmentation, good bone and depth of forechest, and a great mover. These four bitches all awarded CC qualification.

Another that I liked was Wolfhouse Umbrielle, a quality bitch, shown in hard condition, pleasing head and good reach of neck, strong forelegs, stands over a lot of ground, moves with the drive that she inherited from her lovely mother Wolfhouse Rhapsody in Blue, who with Umbrielle's brother and sister I judged in Denmark last year.

Open bitch a really nice class to judge, many good bitches. My winner and BIS Bledino's Brave Hearth Donna, she is full of quality, flowing lines, kind and feminine head, strong front and rear, very balanced and curvy, easy rhythmic stride, delighted to hear that this award made her a champion.
The champion class won by NUCH Kellyhide's Bubbles, a good bitch of pleasing proportions, shown in excellent condition, and most sympathetically and professionally handled by a young lady who could certainly teach many just how a wolfhound should be shown.
Veteran bitches and Best Veteran overall was won by Int NORD FIN UCH Cormacs Whispering Gray, also winner of best head, a lovely lovely girl, her head to me epitomizes the far away expression that is so much part of the gazehound look, to gaze into her eyes is to look into her soul, sown in fabulous condition, quality all through.
Thank you all for being so sporting, Norway has some impressive hounds, but as I said at the dinner we each take the best dog home, winning is nice, but the dogs that live with you have to be your heart hounds and loved for what they are, not for what they may or may not win.

BIS/BIM 2008

BIS ble Bledino's Brave Hearth Donna, eid og oppdrettet av Eva Grimstad og Øystein Kristiansen. BIM ble Pitlochry's Xecel, eid av Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre, oppdrettet av Connie Fernout-Schildt.

Fra venstre Eva Grimstad med Bledino's Brave Hearth Donna, dommer Sue Wilkinson, Odd Myhre med Pitlochry's Xecel.

BIS/BIM Veteran 2008

BIS Veteran ble Cormacs Whispering Grey, eid av Astrid Holm og Odd Myhre, oppdrettet av Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre. BIM Veteran ble Rovaleco's Irco Idol, eid av Anne Mette Mikkelsen, oppdrettet av Vigdis Larsen.

Fra venstre Astrid Holm med Cormacs Whispering Grey, dommer Sue Wilkinson, Anne Mette Mikkelsen med Rovaleco's Irco Idol

BIS/BIM Unghund 2008

BIS Unghund ble Wolfhouse Umbrielle, eid av Knut Olav Wille og Øivind Berg Larsen, oppdrettet av Pernille Monberg.

Fra venstre Knut Olav Wille med Wolfhouse Umbrielle, dommer Sue Wilkinson

BIS/BIM Junior 2008

BIS Junior ble Ballygran's Cruatha Caoimhe, BIM Junior ble kullbroren Ballygran's Conn Conaire. Begge hundene er eid og oppdrettet av Anne Mette Mikkelsen.

Fra venstre Anne Mette Mikkelsen med Ballygran's Cruatha Caoimhe, dommer Sue Wilkinson, Janne Andersen med Ballygran's Conn Conaire

BIS/BIM Valp 2008

BIS Valp ble Dorisas Faela, oppdrettet av Ann-Sophie Falk, eid av Knut Olav Wille og Øivind Berg Larsen, BIM Valp ble Bledino's Camuld Pavarotti, eid og oppdrettet av Eva Grimstad og Øystein Kristiansen.

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