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SøkeområdeVis/Skjul meny

Spesialen 2013

Dommer: Liz Thornton
Mochras (GB)

60 stilte hunder

Thank you for inviting me to judge your june speciality. I cant remember when I last enjoyed a judging appointment as much as this one. Your club is a very sociable and friendly group and everything possible was done to make my stay a pleasant one. Managed to keep the rain away for most of the judging, although on Friday night in the barbeque downpour I did have my doubts!

Around the judging appointment I will take away with me memories of the obedience competition, how good the dogs were in that.

I had great company from my stewards and their families, many thanks to them for looking after me so well.

In the main competition the hounds were of good to high quality overall – and as good in temperament as you can find anywhere in the world.

I was very impressed that every hound «looked at me right» and only one was a little shy, but even she could be talked around and was easy to handle.

You have also done a great job with mouths, no serious faults and just slight comments on a handful about misplaced incisors or a missing premolar – nothing to worry a judge unduly. I kept commenting about the good presentation of the hounds, none were dirty or too hairy. Well done exhibitors. I know I spent a long time over the youngsters on the first day, all of them were in good condition and correct weight for age and had great characters. I liked the eight month tall and substantial bitch Cormacs Corona very much, yet maybe she won as she was at a good stage of maturity and others will match her once they have grown into their frames.

Corona moved lightly and well and was very well balanced and of good size and shape. The young hounds which didn’t do as well as the others were placed lower because their movement wasn’t yet strong enough, especially in hindquarters, their tails might have been carried too high, and perhaps their fronts and/ or rears were too narrow. All these features can change over time.

Breeders need to ensure they breed for long and curved stifles as in the greyhound – wolfhounds are sighthounds and need to look the part, even if they aren’t used for killing wolves nowadays.

Read back to what Captain Graham was looking for when he resurrected the breed, and remember the work Mrs Nagle and others put in to ensuring our breed remained in the «Sporting Group» a century ago. Critics then said the wolfhound wasn’t a hound and should not be in the hound group, and a day of hunting had to be arranged to prove the breed could run and turn and chase as a hunting dog should.

It’s no co incidence the Sulhamstead hounds had a sixty year history of strong quarters with defined second thighs – and you don’t get these unless you breed for strong broad croups that slope, a lower set femur (not pushed up into the stomach) and a hock with distinct greyhound angulation to it. Straight stifles should be anathema – it goes against the breed standard as the custodians of the breed envisioned it over the last 150 years.

I didn’t write such long critiques on the second day, you probably wanted to reach home before midnight. Again, I can’t remember when I last gave every hound in one class an excellent and this was the show where it happened, in the champion bitch class.

All were typical, sound good moving hounds with attractive outlines and heads. It just remained for me to pick some personal favourites for the best bitch line up, and i could have picked out another set of four without reaching an end to the quality in this class.

The winner was a big longcast red bitch in great condition with a very nice front and rear angulation combination, she moved on a long and reachy stride and maintained a look of commanding appearance.

To be picky Ch Chill Giants As Good As She Gets could be «more of a girl», but this is the kind of bitch that can be a great brood bitch and it would be interesting to see what she might produce to a compact and smaller free moving male.

All four of the best bitches camefrom this class, and there weresome very nice bitches on theway through the classes too.I remember giving out anumber of «certificate quality»ribbons.

For the CAC, I picked AugustAmber O’Marksbay. I had judgedher in Italy as a puppy and shehas lived up to her early promise, a very beautiful red bitch with an outstanding head and expression, fully mature in body now and has kept the easy flowing movement. I was also very happy with Wolfhenge Corinne, the curvaceous open class winner, who had the
R-CAC. Her breeder, kennel Wolfhenge, presented an excellent group and narrowly won the breeder prize with tall and typical hounds , most of them first prize winners here.

The Cormacs group came closest to these, second place there, but took the brood bitch trophy later.

I admired the best dog Ch Cormacs Maddox for his qualities of strength and masculinity, very well made and a steady strong mover, in superb condition and in the prime of his life, he was absolutely on form for Best In Show – such a balanced hound.

His sister Ch Cormacs Zeena was second in the bitches and won best movement. In another year or so there will be a dog who could challenge Maddox more closely, this puppy ended second in the males. At only ten months Furlongs Crusader is a most striking prospect, very high quality, well boned , big with quarters under good control and a «look at me» ring presence despite his youth and inexperience. Just needs his upperarm to settle more beneath him and I’d hope he doesn’t grow any taller, he is enormous already. Lucky owner! If you want someone to show him in the UK for a season, talk to me first!

Thank you again for making my visit such a very enjoyable one.

BIS/BIM 2013

Best In Show ble INT NORD FI CH Cormacs Maddox, eid og oppdrettet av Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre. Best i Motsatt kjønn ble NO DK CH Chill Giant’s As Good As She Gets, oppdrettet av Kristian Noreng, eid av Monica Fornebo Eliassen.

Fra venstre: Chill Gian'ts As Good as She Gets med Anette Fornbo Eliassen, dommer Liz Thornton, Odd Myhre med Cormacs Maddox.

BIS/BIM Veteran 2013

BIS Veteran ble NO SE CH Vetterli's Tirill, oppdrettet og eid av Hildegunn og Svein Erik Fluge. BIM Veteran ble INT NORD CH Melodream Maker O'Marksbay, eid og oppdrettet av Knut Olav Wille og Øivind Berg Larsen.

Fra venstre: Knut Olav Wille med Melodream Maker O'Marksbay, dommer Liz Thornton og Linda Fluge Rydland med Vetterli's Tirill

BIS/BIM Unghund 2013

BIS Unghund ble August Amber O'Marksbay, eid og oppdrettet av Knut Olav Wille og Øivind Berg Larsen. BIM Unghund ble Diehard, oppdrettet av Edda Björk Arnardottir, eid av Evelyn Løvsjø.

Fra venstre: Evelyn Løvsjø med Diehard, dommer Liz Thornton, Knut Olav Wille med August Amber O'Marksbay

BIS/BIM Junior 2013

BIS Junior ble Furlongs Crusader, oppdrettet av Annica Gustavsson, eid av Monica og Anette Fornebo Eliassen. BIM Junior ble Mairead Maguire Ardfhuil O'Marksbay, eid og oppdrettet av Knut Olav Wille og Øivind Berg Larsen

Fra venstre: Knut Olav Wille med Mairead Maguire Ardfhuil O'Marksbay, dommer Liz Thornton, Anette Fornebo Eliassen med Furlongs Crusader

BIS/BIM Valp 2013

BIS Valp ble Cormacs Corona, oppdrettet av Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre, eid av Tove Andersen og Odd Myhre. BIM Valp ble Casonidas Weylyn, eid og oppdrettet av Sonny Essing og Marie Wiqvist i Sverie.

Fra venstre: Cormacs Corona med Tove Andersen, Casonidas Weylyn med handler Thea Tillerflaten
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