Irsk Ulvehundklubb Norge

SøkeområdeVis/Skjul meny

Spesialen 2018

Dommer: Pat M. Pask
Baronglen (Wales)

37 stilte hunder

Firstly, I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge your Speciality show in Gol in June 2018.

As I approached the Showground on the Friday evening I went back in time to my previous visit in 2004 when Peter (husband, red. mrk) judged the show.

That year it rained heavily and so I came armed with a coat, mackintosh, umbrella and Wellingtons which thankfully were not needed as the «Weather Gods» were kind to us. The barbecue on the Friday evening was very enjoyable but I felt very conscious of my forthcoming judging appointment and was sad I could not sit and chat with everyone. I was concerned to learn I only had one puppy to judge on the Saturday as several promising puppies had recently become 12 months of age but I was not disappointed as although he was reluctant to always show off his attributes (especially for the photographs) he was a promising youngster who had a lovely head with the sweetest expression and a lovely temperament. I was pleased to award him Best Puppy In Show.

That morning I had decided to visit the town of Gol. I had been told by an eminent Norwegian «it is only 10 minutes away.» On my return I realised never trust a man from Norway when he tells you the distance from somewhere or I am an extremely slow walker! The Dinner in the evening was a very enjoyable affair. The people who had been assigned to look after me were excellent hosts. The food was lovely and the singing was such fun, especially the rendition of «Land of Hope and Glory» with the addition of balloons, poppers and whistles as supplied by Anne Mette Mikkelsen.

Sunday dawned bright and clear and the anticipation of what was before me was exciting. I had a wonderful day judging and my overall impression was how you have all progressed the breed over the last 14 years. I was looking for what is in essence a longcoated greyhound, and I was very pleased to see most of the exhibits were balanced with good length to their legs, something I may say which is disappointing in the UK at the moment.

Mouths were good and I only found one narrow underjaw which I severely penalised. All my winners were quality exhibits who demonstrated type. Temperaments were exceptional and I did not hear one growl throughout the weekend. I was particularly pleased with my Best In Show winner Cormacs Tariq. For me he exhibits all that is needed for a hound who has to hunt alone and be powerful enough to capture and kill a wolf. Nothing was over exaggerated and his movement was excellent. He was handled sympathetically and responded so well to his handler. Another I have to mention is the overall of Undergraduate Winner Umbrielle Amber Kamelia O’Marksbay. She was a beautiful bitch who lost out on top honours because of maturity. I will watch her with interest as I think she has a fantastic future.

Finally I wish to express my grateful thanks to my two stewards who were a great help throughout the day and to all the exhibitors who came for my opinion. I am extremely humbled by this and honoured you invited me. I left Norway with lots of happy memories of a lovely weekend and was only sorry I could not have stayed longer.

Thank you everyone.

BIS/BIM 2018

Fjorårets Best I Motsatt Kjønn, Cormacs Tariq tok et steg opp fra i fjor, og ble Best In Show på Spesialen 2018 under dommer Pat Pask fra Wales. Tariq er eid og oppdrettet av Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre i Brumunddal.

Cormacs Tariq med f.v. dommer Pat Pask og oppdretterne Gunn Marit og Odd Myhre

Best i Motsatt Kjønn ble halvsøsteren til Tariq, Gulleiv's Never Say Never Again, eid og oppdrettet av Monica og Anette Fornebo Eliassen.

Gulleiv's Never Say Never Again med dommer Pat Pask og oppdretterne Anette og Monica Fornebo Eliassen

BIS/BIM Veteran 2018

Best In Show Veteran ble den ni og et halv år gamle tispen Cormacs Safran. Hun eies av Trine Fjærvik. Oppdretterne til Safran er Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre, som hadde med tre veteraner i år.

BIM Veteran ble Cormacs Xavier. Han eies av Odd og Gunn Marit Myhre som også er hans oppdrettere.

BIS og BIM Veteran Cormacs Safran og Cormacs Xavier med fra venstre Heidi Winjum, dommer Pat Pask og Gunn Marit Myhre

BIS/BIM Unghund 2018

BIS Unghund ble Umbrielle Amber Kamelia O'Marksbay - eid av oppdretterne Øivind Berg Larsen og Knut Olav Wille, mens kullbror Ungus O'Marksbay - eid av Eivind Holm og Marit Båtvik - ble BIM Unghund.

BIS og BIM unghund Umbrielle Amber Kamelia O'Marksbay og Ungus O'Marksbay med oppdretter Knut Olav Wille, dommer Pat Pask, og eieren til Ungus, Marit Båtvik

BIS/BIM Junior 2018

Kennel Ballygran og Anne Mette Mikkelsen gjorde rent bord i juniorklassen med to av hennes egenoppdrettede hunder. BIS Junior ble Ballygran’s Igraine Iseabéal, og kullbroren Ballygran's Ithel Innis ble BIM Junior.

BIS og BIM Junior: Ballygran’s Igraine Iseabéal og Ballygran's Ithel Innis med oppdretter Anne Mette Mikkelsen, dommer Pat Pask og handler Signe Korsøen

BIS/BIM Valp 2018

I valpeklassen var det i år bare en deltaker. Magh Itha's Ikaros ble dermed BIS Valp. Han er oppdrettet av Jan og Ursula Evje i Sverige, og eies av Liss Hansen.

Fra venstre: Dommer Pat Pask, Chantelle Hansen med Magh Itha's Ikaros.
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